Time for an Election Campaign Reality Check

So let me get this straight:

The cardinal sin Kerry has committed is going along with the president when he asked for support? Voting for the president's request because he didn't assume the slimy little sonofabitch was straight-face lying? (Ooops, Bush wasn't lying, so he would say -- someone ELSE was responsible for false information. The fact that ANYONE who tried to tell him the facts was publicly castigated and villified and careers were destroyed, oh well, that was just ... what? Psychosis?)

Kerry is trying to show us all how he can be presidential, so he can't come right out and say that Monkey Boy's head is so far up past his anal sphincter, he's looking through his esophagus to his open yelling mouth and imagining he's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reality check:

He's President of the United States and has at his command all the power and authority the position carries with it. (The office has the respect that supports authority even if he personally neither has nor merits any.)

His party is in control of the House of Representatives.

His party is in control of the Senate.

His people are more or less in control of the Supreme Court (there are still some up on the bench with consciences which rebel at the suborning and corruption of the Chief Justice and his cronies.)

So how the fuck is it Senator Kerry's fault that we are down the Rabbit Hole known as Iraq with no way out?

It was and is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time -- but American soldiers sailors and Marines have always prided themselves at their willingness to go in and straighten out the mess created by some megalomaniacal fool in the White House.

As Bush once said to the UN (and I have no doubt he learned it from Barbara Bush who may well have said it to him when he was a 40-year-old drunken failure), I now say to him:

"Put some calcium in your spine (you little shit)."

Take some responsibility for what you've let Dick Cheney and Karl Roverer tell you to do.

Or as your immortal fellow drunk WC Fields said about someone just like you:

"I could carve a better man out of a banana."

You talk about standing up to al Qaeda -- hell, you can't even stand up to your own reflection in the mirror. It would be too terrifying -- the Dark Night of the Asshole.


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