Can't deny the fantasy

It goes like this:

To the dismay of all liberals everywhere, the Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney-Halliburton plan works

Iraq is at peace, elections are held and because his trial has not yet taken place and because he has not been convicted of anything ....

Saddam Hussein is elected as president.

Polls have given him 42% of the vote already, and that was before his lawyer announced his candidacy.

First offical action -- he pardons the deposed dictator.

Second official action: he issues indictments on Bush, Cheney, Tommy Franks, and 30 or 40 John Does for the murder of his two sons, Frodo and Pogo.

Also for charges of vandalism, theft, murder, manslaughter, and slander.

In an act of unification, he appoints young Mr. Sadr as ambassador to the United Nations.

Pigs fly.


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