Bush to give major speech -- wants to tell everyone he didn't lose the debate

Ok, now he's really getting into flop sweat...
In a rare, last-minute change in the presidential schedule, Bush has scrapped a planned talk on medical liability and instead will give what the White House called a "significant speech" about the two central issues of the campaign -- the war on terrorism and the economy, the newspaper said.

The president is said to be eager to rebut Kerry's attacks on such issues, especially those that came during last Thursday's presidential debate, according to The Times.

Rebut Kerry's attacks, right.
Come up with a snappy answer, right.
And it only took five days and three speech writers to do it.

We've all seen that guy -- gets the crap kicked out of him in a fight, but the next week (or the week or month after that), when the guy who beat him has moved on, he's up and shadow boxing and talking big about how he was up too late the night before but he coulda woulda shoulda...

Never heard the "if only" one about how if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he jumps, but he doesn't, so he does.

And his friends are too embarrassed for him to remind him that
the time to do it was last Thursday. Because they saw what happened.

Two guys on a stage. One was a mensch, the other a punk.
Only the people on the payroll are still pretending they didn't see it go down.

Or as someone once said, "You wouldn't get away with talking to me like that if my script writers were here.

Hey -- it's one thing to lose a debate.
It's another to decide to officially and formally become a loser.
This is pure total loser behavior.
Day late and an answer short.

Give it up, Monkey Boy.
Move on.
You've got another debate coming up.
And this one will be even worse.


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