Bush doing a strip-tease of his Bubba mask, revealed as a YANKEE!

Notice the beautiful black suit, fits so damn well.
It should -- it cost as much as a new Honda Prius and was custom-made for him by a French tailor (true).

No more "Howdy, folks" shirt-sleeve good ole boy.

No need to pretend to be a country boy any more, now that he showed Mommy he could FINALLY do something Daddy couldn;t do -- get re-elected (or, at least, get a second four years in the job).

Roger Price once said: "You can't fool all the people all the time, but if you do it once, it lasts for four years." Apparently, he finally got it right on the secodn try. (First time around it just took some bribing of Scalia and his pals.)

Now he's dressing like a (gasp!) BIG CITY YANKEE!

He's dressing like someone who was born in Connecticut (a Yankee conspiracy state 'cause the ole boys can't never spell it.), like someone who went to hoity-toity private schools (the kind John Kerry went to, oh my) culminating in Yale and Harvard and that elitist or all elitist clubs, Skull and Bones (the kind of club John Kerry belongs to, oh my).

Of course, when he's dressed up, you notice his language difficulty in translating from Aldebaronian Lizard Talk to English, but hey -- how many of us can say even one or two words in Space Alien Lizard? Judge not.

(A side thought: isn't it interesting, how, if anyone criticized policies which just poured money into rich folks' pockets, the GOP hitmen and hitbitches immediately pointed and screamed like a plant person in Invasion of the Body Snatchers ---

And now, if anyone resents the fact that Mr. Bush has completely humiliated our country before the world and debased the office of president with his snide snickers and low comments, anyone who now feels a bit mauled from being accused of being traitors and worse, it's

Once again -- Fuck him.

There's no legal obligation to respect this slimebag.

There is no legal obligation to mistake the asshole in the Oval Office with the Office of President.

And certainly no obligation to let anyone get away with claiming that a soundly-based loathing of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest is in any way the same thing as not loving America. If they're too stupid to see the difference, that's THEIR problem.

HE is the one who legally has to protect and defend the constitution.
But it looks as if that job has fallen to us.

And that's something for us to do for the next four years.


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