I think we've all had enough -- detox time

OK, a campaign season that somehow seems to have lasted MORE than four years, two lying sacks of shit in human form cavorting before the public promising all sorts of stuff neither has any intention of delivering, either because he knows it just can't be done regardless of his desire to implement it, or because he knows he has no intention of even thinking about the subject after inauguration.

What it came down to is this: Bush is, was, and always has been a cheerleader -- likes people, likes hanging out with, chatting superficially with, gladhanding and shmoozing with people. No interest at all in the homework or the assiduousness it takes to be an executive, which is why he's failed so completely in every venture he's ever undertaken in his life, possibly including his presidency. He glides on the surface like a happy-time water-strider. Why was it such a revelation for Democrats to decide he was a figurehead? That's the job he ran for. That's the job he likes. And that's the job of the President.

Kerry is a studier, a legislator, a serious student and servant of government. He loves the details and gets things done because he can both understand and delegate authority. He's not much of a big-screen shmoozer or party person (as in good-time Saturday night college fraternity party, not political endless discussion arguing over how many voters can stand on the head of a pin type party -- that latter one, he likes and is quite good at.) He's smart and focused and could ahve been a good president, but unfortunately for him and his supporters, he's not too aware of the salesman's absolute bottom line law -- "You can win the argument, but you'll lose the sale."

Bill Clinton is and was an accomplished example of both -- loves being with people, loves the wonkadelic realm of policy and details. And if it hadn't been for the particular type of non-sex he had with the chubby young sweetie-pie, no one would have really cared. (For many many many literalistic types who call themselves Christian, eating sperm is "eating the apple," repeating the Fall from the Garden. It wasn't just pussy -- it was blasphemy. But of course we Blue State people never bothered to find out exactly what particular fantasies those Red State people believe in -- we're too much more concerned with fondling our own -- and publicizing them so the other guys can't help but know what sort of crap we believe in.

So Bush the cheerleader (or anyone who's having a good time standing in your front yard or sitting in your living room), can ALWAYS get away with telling you the guy who's home studying is really a Klingon in disguise, because the other guy isn't around to say different, to say that he personally ISN'T the entire state legislature of Massachussetts, that he did NOT force the President to declare war on some relatively innocent bystanders, that he ISN'T a stay-at-home book-loving Terrorist-loving enemy of America and all that is good and decent and illiterate.

And in this corner -- the WINNER and STILL CHAMPEEN --- FEAR.

If Republicans think there'll be much, if any, of their party left after Monkey Boy and his aptly named "Turd Blossom" get through with it, they'll be disappointed. This is a scorched earth crew and they have no compunction about burning down the house. Their idea of loyalty is to get their pals out of the burning building, if they can, and if they can't, to say nice words over the charred corpses (but never letting photos of the coffins out in the media).

If anti-choice troglodytes think they have a victory in the offiing, I'd suggest they learn to read.

Roe v Wade did NOT legalize abortion. It declared that the government has no vital legal interest (with certain exceptions added later) in a woman's uterus, meaning the government didn't have a right to CRIMINALIZE abortion. Surprise.

So if the Court decides the government DOES have a vital interest in some teenager's womb, that means another administration in another situation could legalize FORCED abortion for one vital interest or another (potential or actual malformation of the fetus being socially and economically undesirable, faux-scientific belief in genetic passing of "criminal" genes, etc.) because -- talk about the camel's nose under the flap of the tent -- if they're allowed inside a woman's coochie to make any decisions, they'll take over and make every one they can, specifying what sorts of devices she might use to pass an idle evening, battery or solar-powered, what sort of sperm-barrier is acceptable, etc).

Have any of us ever seen the Dancing Pigs of Federal and State Legislatures ever show moderation or self-restraint in their greedy grasping of power, more power, more power? And they know they damn well they can't go after corporate contributors, so that leaves poor people and their privates.

And if the anti-choice people think that the coded reference -- the Dred Scott Decision -- actually gives fetuses pre-eminent legal rights over those of the carrying woman, I'd suggest once again that they learn to read. (Do I reveal a certain antipathy toward less-than-literate people? Hey -- I'm a writer. See some self-interest here?) The decision was closely tied to the actual constitution. He (Scott) HAD no real legal rights as a human being. The constitution had to be changed to remove the stark unfairness of it.

And if the aftermath of the decision is what they mean, I have bad news for them -- these tiny-brained moralistic finger-pointers: the Dred Scott Case is much more legally relevant to giving individual human beings the right to marriage regardless of their sex, color, social status, religious beliefs or non-beliefs, than it is to giving a fetus legal standing and a driver's license.

You ring that bell too long, folks, you're gonna be really sorry at what it calls up. Lots and lots of guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls, and churchly folks including ministers (possibly even their wives) finally recognizing their true sexual orientations. (An old partner of mine, a talented and delightful fellow -- gay -- used to enjoy calling up his talents as a raconteur and telling those of us gathered around for coffee dramatic and hilarious stories about his sexual adventures and misadventures. His favorite topic was the particular religious affiliation of the visiting southern or midwestern minister who'd either gone down on him or had given him a Howdy Stranger free pass to his naughty nether regions. What goes down in San Francisco, stays in San Francisco.)

And oh, in case I'm leaving out the Democrats, that band of nutless wonders who are so terrified of pointing out that liberal meant tolerant on behalf of the rights and needs of the less fortunate, I fully expect they'll try once again to go to the right instead of suggesting to the American public that there is another way to govern than running a payoff shop for favored corporate interests. At least -- O Democrats -- pick some DIFFERENT corporate interests for shaking down. You've committed the Cardinal Sin -- you got BORING.

Bill Clinton did not win because of his wonkiness. He won because he was/is smart and quick and delighted in people and they on him. He succeeded in accomplishing some good things because of his intelligence and wonkiness, not the same.

Hillary Clinton could perhaps be a fine president (John Kerry could have been an excellent president) but she (as he) can not get elected now, next time, never. She's a great one (despite what all the men who hate strong women say -- get over Mommy, lads) but not the kind of people-person these times demand. Amazing how many of the people who despise Hillary worship Margaret Thatcher.

So let's get over it. I don't mean let's get over the division and Olly Olly Oxen Free glad hand that band of vicious slimeballs who just got elected. Fuck them -- they're scum.

I mean let's get over giving a flying kazoo about politicians of any sort (aka our employees) or their tarnished and worthless promises. Let's think about things that actually mean something in our lives.

Here's a thought: since the subject of the Constitution has actually come up in the past year, how about this one:

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion..."

Let's tax the churches, let them pay their fair share. Taxing them would pay for health care, better schools, VA medical care for military people who get maimed and mutilated, better fire and police protection (hey, any chance of the firemen EVER getting radios that work in places like the World Trade Center?) and everything else. Let's stop subsidizing their propaganda.


(A warning about something that should be obvious, but I'll say it anyway -- anyone who campaigns for that idea had better have bodyguards. Even the Quakers and the Buddhists might be getting their guns out.)


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