Regarding Lame Ducks

OK -- I don't expect an ignoramus and a thug like our prez and veep to know this, but shouldn't political journalists know what the hell a "Lame duck" is?

LAME DUCK refers to an elected official during the period AFTER losing an election (or, unable to run again, after a new person is elected to the position) and before leaving office.

During that time, his or her appointments, actions, etc bear no weight since all the opportunists who are still in office are looking ahead to the new ass to kiss.

For a president, LAME DUCK is the period from the election to the following January 20th -- Inauguration.

What we have now is called

"Fuck you -- I don't need your votes anymore so let's ride her till she drops --- YEEEHAH!"

Now that he's got his Man Date and a brand new suit, look out.

As they used to say in mockery of such inane Civil Defense Nuclear Attack instructions as Duck and Cover::

1. Bend over
2. Put your head between your legs
3. Grab your ass firmly
4. Kiss it goodbye.

As Bob Marley useta sing:

"Ain't no use, no one can stop them now..."

Escape litachoor and movies are the new black.


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