National guard hiring recruiters

Dec. 4, 2004 | CORAOPOLIS, Pa. (AP) -- Increasing numbers of soldiers are deciding not to join the Army National Guard after they leave active duty, a trend so troubling that the Guard is hiring 1,400 more recruiters to reverse it.

--Y'see, they're finally figuring out that along with the baggy uniform, a little bit of money, some potential of getting some college, there's -- oops, the catch -- a whole generation of kids who didn't read Catch-22, you get to have people force you to set down in some shit-hole that the oil people want while locals who are understandably upset steal your weapons and use them on you. And every time you get close to time to come home, they raise the number of missions. Not only that but...

"'If a soldier is near the end of their term of service and looking to stabilize their life, they know the likelihood is they're going to be deployed if they join the Guard,' said Lt. Col. Mike Milord, spokesman for the Guard's headquarters in Arlington, Va.

Jesus -- I know native-born Iraqi's who speak better English than that. With all due respect, milord, get thee to a copy of Strunk & White. But back to the gist of what this bozo lifer is trying to say:

You fall into the realm of the old cynical version of the Third Law of Thermodynamics (entropy): "You can't win, you can't even tie, and you'll never get out of the game."

"This is not your father's National Guard. The big joke used to be, 'It's one weekend off a month."'

This is not your President's national Guard either, where the joke was "I'll give you one weekend a year and you can send spades and white trash kids to die in my place."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Crawford, hmm, come to think of it, the Prez is STILL saying that.


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