What's so great about "rags to riches?"

Senator Arlen Spectre (you remember, the man who came up with the "single bullet theory" in the JFK assassination, the same man who, in so many words, publicly denounced Anita Hill as a sleazy opportunistic slut for having read a best-selling novel, but mostly for daring to say unpleasant things about the sleaziest opportunistic law-slut appointed to the Supreme Court in living memory, Clarence "Uncle" Thomas) today praised Alberto Gonzales as a wonderful "rags to riches story."

Well, ok, but rags to riches certainly doesn't equate to having integrity (Dick Cheney), or being qualified for public office (Clarence Thomas), or showing the simple civility and decency we expect in normal human dealings (Donald Trump).

In fact, it means less than nothing at all.

Consider this:

Adolf Hitler was a "rags to riches story."
Josef Stalin was a "rags to riches story."
Roy Cohn, perhaps the only man in American history vile enough to approach "deserving" AIDS (no one does, not even him, but he did push the envelope) -- he, too was a wonderful "rags to riches story."
Lyndon ("Let's invent an attack in the Gulf of Tonkin to justify a war") Baines Johnson -- a "rags to riches story."
Tom DeLay.
Josef McCarthy.

Get it?

"Rags to riches story?"
Don't mean nothin'.


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