It's the darkness at the end of the tunnel

We can only be glad Winston Smith was never alive, thereby not alive to see this. But we are. I'm starting to get the idea that if the Tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of patriots, those guys who so loudly proclaim themselves patriots have no one to blame but themselves. Check out what they're doing:

Today, in a story about the new "Pentagon Channel," the Washington Times lets it readers know exactly what it believes to be the role of the national media. Here's the lede of the Times' piece:

The Pentagon has created its own 24-hour television channel to cut out the middleman -- the national media -- in covering news events at the headquarters of the world's most powerful military.

The national media, it seems, is "the middleman" -- a phrase that implies its share of shadiness. The media's role, in this characterization, is merely that of a profit-driven peddler who adds nothing of value to the goods he's passing along. In other words, something we'd be better off without.

What's the matter? The Reverend Syun Myung Moon and his flunkies on the Times no longer marching in precise enough lockstep to the Bushwah drumbeat? The media -- including them -- are the "middlemen"?

So Pentagonal Press releases now will equal NEWS. As if Fucks TV wasn't strident enough ... well, on the other hand, actually, had anyone in the Bushwah admin listened to those in the Pentagon with experience, they wouldn't have gotten us into such a mess in the first ... nahhh, Redrum and his Henchmen will never let REAL soldiers play with the new toy.


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