Well, maybe the truth is scarier than the lies

A friend in Denmark told me that while he was enjoying it, he didn't understand why the dollar had lost 40% of its value against the Euro and was expected to lose another 30% over the coming decade. This sort of thing may be one part of the reason:

The soldiers in Iraq desperately needing armor protection on their thin-skinned vehicles must also rely on Canadian steel for protection because the United States is incapable of manufacturing enough armor plate to meet the current demand for it in Iraq and Afghanistan.

...When U.S. policy makers decided to attack Iraq they apparently failed to consider whether the United States has the manufacturing capacity to produce all the special steel it needs to make armor plate required to “uparmor” the soft-skinned Humvees and trucks under daily attack from marauding insurgents.

Had they looked, they might have discovered the United States only has one steel manufacturer company currently capable of producing the specially made rolled homogeneous armor plate that is used to produce the armor kits being manufactured at DoD-run arsenals. The arsenals therefore depend on Canadian steel sold on the open market and supplied through an American distributor to supplement the limited supply of American-made steel, several experts said.

Hubris takes economic forms too, Lars.


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