If Art is magic, then what's Christo?

Christo and his Fabulous fabrics wrapping all sorts of things, oh how clever -- so is he a couturier or a clerk at Macy's?

Because making art takes a little more risk and a lot more imagination than the crap-wrap events Christo has been using to milk the public these past decades.

Milk? Or Bilk?

The Gates. Bill Gates?

Art for the brain dead.

Nature with a ribbon and a bow.

New Yorkers -- so goddamn sharp and hip and on to it all ...

"Oh look, Doris -- he put up steel and cloth and hey -- this is somethin' else -- 116,389 miles of thread, and it's FREE."

Sorry Vinny -- Art is what you get when you go Dancing with the Gods, and when the dance is over, Art is what's left. Christo is what you get from Dancing with Corporate Sponsors to the tune of a mission statement and a precise plan so claustrophobically finsihed there's no way for any light or air to get in.

"And Doris, look -- you can WALK through it. "

Yeah, you could walk through David Tudor's Rainforest, too, but when you did, it wasn't all about HIM -- you found out things about yourself and your world and how magic works between the two.

Of COURSE The Gates are only going to be up for 16 days -- any longer and even the Manhattan Rubes might catch on before the Christos get out of town.

Whattya got that's better, you ask?

Check this out, if you want to see some people who dance with the wind and the snow and make the sort of magic art used to be.

Take some time -- go through ALL the pages -- take a look at what happens when Art doesn't start with "First I need to get a GRANT." The clue -- they don't call it ART -- they refer to it as FUN.

There are still some real ones out there in the world, pointing to REAL things, trying to show us something we DON'T know.

And for that, we are seriously grateful enough to dance.


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