George Bush, Scared Limp?

"...they were appalled by Strongbow's assertion that any military expedition was merely a disguised sexual sickness, more specifically a profound fear of impotence... Thus armies were raised, he said, because it was likely their raisers could raise nothing else."

Edward Whittemore, Sinai Tapestry

Well, the late Mr. Whittemore was a CIA station chief in Beirut for a decade or two, so perhaps he knew whereof he spoke.

Ok, maybe the reason they diss the blogs so much is that I wasn't the only one to be saying this right out in the open months and months and months ago. HE'S terrified because it's him and his family and his cronies Osama was after, for what THEY have done.

But of course, the clerks and the bookeepers, the children and the working stiffs are the ones who pay for it when the planes come down.

1500+ dead American Military

30,000 American military maimed and/or driven mad, will spend the rest of their lives seriously fucked up, betrayed by penny-pinching policy (Bush & Cheney's pals pinched all the pennies), unable to even get treated without cost at a VA hospital

100,000 + Iraqi civilians dead

8% of the children in Iraq are malnutritive today (TWICE the number as when Saddam Hussein was in power)

THEY (and we know who THEY are) take OUR money to fight what THEY are afraid of.

And anyone starry-eyed enough, or patriotic enough, or, yes, this too -- dumb enough to still believe that the military serves our COUNTRY and not just THEIR PALS, the BAND OF THIEVES of this ADMINSTRATION, people who die for the people who wouldn't even leave their country clubs when their country asked them to go fight in another surreal bunch of stupid death-business. (Let us not forget, despite the corrosive reality-bath of Vietnam, just how starry-eyed and stupid WE were back then, and how young 18 is and was.)

When the aftermath hits, Monkey Boy will need MORE secret service and security forces AFTER his term is (oh pray for the day to come) OVER, when the people who voted for him get to see what he really did, what creatures from beneath slime-coated rocks he fronted for.

It's gonna look like the last scene of the Boris Karloff Frankenstein, the local people of Crawford, finally awake to the fact that this rich kid, this punk who bought his ranch in 1999, has forever condemned the name of Crawford to be a bad joke, and I can imagine those rural Texans carrying torches and pitchforks, advancing on the monster's castle.

Of course, while this is going on, we'll be scrambling in our own locales to deal with the Third World Fiefdom his Pals set upon us, and we'll only read about it in the papers, or maybe watch it on "Film at Eleven."

(The preceding sentence is the standard Post-Patriot Act Disclaimer that asserts I am NOT advocating any such behavior, nor am I planning it -- but having lived inTexas for a few years, I am merely seeing it as a logical and possible response by people who do not take kindly to being used, as they say, "till Hell won't have it.")

William Pitt knows this -- don't marginalize him as either Left or Right, just a man with open eyes and strong stomach. (Even if he IS a couple of years late noticing the obvious, that little boy Georgie Bush is scared of the dark.) Check it out.

A friend, many years ago, talking about Hollywood movie producers, said the reason there are so many terror, crime, murder, etc movies is because incredibly rich people (and he numbered the top dogs in Hollywood among them) spend their time worrying, KNOWING they have it all while others have fuck-all, continually expecting the poor and hungry to swarm up that hill any day now and take away their ill-gotten goods.

The marvelous Heathcote Williams wrote a brief play in the early 1970's about all the beggars and bums in London storming the Palace and throwing their own feces at the royal family.
Prophetic, in a way.

Maybe it can't happen, but we can dream, can't we?


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