I re-registered to vote yesterday...

...back to Libertarian. I had been a registered Libertarian for some 20+ years, and only re-reg'd as a Democrat this past election for some sort of something .. moral support for anyone going up against Bush, I suppose.

But the Democrats are such weenies, I couldn't bear it. And even though I have never been able to vote for a Libertarian candidate (I've known too many of them personally, and while they've sometimes been delights to drink and/or toke with, I wouldn't want to damage either their lives or mine by trying to put them into public office), I originally joined to help them get on the ballot, and never found any reason to change. Until this past time, and I was wrong.

Libertarians uphold the ideal.
And, it's not widely known that there is a Libertarian Left.

Most of all -- on the level of receiving justice and satisfaction from my political affiliation, there is deep delight in being able to turn to a Republican and say, 'You're really some kind of a LIBERAL, aren't you?"



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