Some random thoughts and ironies concerning a distasteful subject

1. Texas's Advance Directive Law allows a doctor to override the wishes of a person's legal guardian (parent, husband, wife, etc.) and deny life support when the money runs out if a patient is terminal and incurable. The person (for example Sun Hudson's mother -- her 6 month old suffering from terminal birth defect) then has 10 days to find another facility or the plug is pulled -- as it was this past Saint Patrick's day on the little boy.

The Advance Directive Law was passed in 1999 during GW Bush's goobernatorial administration, and most bloggers seem to lay the hideous "Your money or your life" terms at his feet. Given his track record with Pay and Play contributors, it would seem likely. BUT unfortunately for those of us who despise that subhuman creep, as I read the entire bill, it seems the override section was passed as an amendment in 2003, more under Tom DeLay's influence than Dubya's. (Too bad -- 'cause you know, as I've said before, if I could blame the last Ice Age on Dubya I would.)

2. The irony of the feeding tube issue -- it was Mrs. Schiavo's bulimia that brought on the collapse that put her in this situation. And it was her husband's suit against the doctor who failed to diagnose it that brought him the million dollars he's spent to petition the courts repeatedly to let her go. And a lot of authorities would suggest that parents are more integrally involved in a child's bulimia than the man she marries.

3. The intrusive disgrace of showing those pathetic (and personal and private) clips of the poor woman over and over and over for the ghoulish edification of people whose business is ratings. Her sweet face not there, and if that intrusion doesn't curdle your whey, there's all the film and photos of her stomach. If she were to recover and found out what a side-show freak her parents and the New American Church of Christians-Without-Compassion turned her into for publicity to gain support for their personal agendas, she'd be so embarrassed she'd want to die.

4. It is, of course, purely coincidental that Congressman DeLay has mounted his Warhorse, his Nag of Righteousness, while being seriously investigated for using a Children's Cancer Fund as a conduit for illegal campaign deals and contibutions.

All together now: "Pay no attention to the sleazebag behind the curtain."

5. If those "traditional" people are so goddamned "traditional," then they might remember that in a "traditional" marriage ceremony, the father of the bride "traditionally" gives the daughter to her husband, establishing a "tradition" that the husband is now responsible for her, and not the father or mother any longer.

6. As they do to any young woman who is facing the psyche-rending choice of abortion or full term pregnancy (consider this: the "pro-life" people have MADE their choice -- they have chosen to refuse to have abortion, or have chosen to believe in a religious philosophy that prohibits it -- either way, they've chosen using their own personal standards but they don't want to grant the same right to others), those who scream righteousness in the face of others are out there, this time torturing a man who has had to make a painful and hideous choice, even though usually, they prefer to beat up on terrified 16-year-old-girls in trouble. Thanks from all of us, you fucking so-called Christians. YOUR version of Christ is so far removed from any concept of kindness, forgiveness, peace, or compassion, your behavior more resembles that of Osama ben Ladn than Mother Teresa.

7. And an addendum -- those self-righteous hypocrites in congress who are rubbing the pain of this poor woman and her family all over their mouldy public privates to get their righteousness on, can't even write the law well or clearly enough to make the judges, who will adhere to the law as written, do their vile bidding.

The good news is this -- those theocratic latter-day Cromwellian pieces of detritus that washed up on our shores hundreds of years ago and have done little other than to pervert and debase the concept of Christianity into a thing of meanness and fear and thrones and dominions, are overreaching in their arrogance. So I will write about more cheerful things in coming days because, as Napoleon (a fairly clever strategist and tactition before he, too, overreached and came crashing down) said:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."

Mssrs DeLay, Cheney, Bush, Frist, et al, keep on doing what you're doing. And remember what another wise man once said:

"Be careful the asses you kick on the way up --
They're the same ones you'll have to kiss on the way down."

Pucker up, boys.


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