Can't call 'em whores -- they're neither honest nor hardworking enough ...

As one San Francisco hooker said, many years ago in an interview, "We're not selling anything that doesn't belong to us -- and there isn't a businessman or a politician who can say the same."

We expect Republicans to vote for something like this -- Republicans believe the health of the corporate economy is essential for the health of the overall economy and welfare of the country. Democrats, on the other hand, espouse the belief that compassion for and assistance to those who, in a capitalist game, get pushed off the board like taken chess pieces, is essential for the economic and moral health of the country.

Whores allow their own bodies to be used as a means of making a living.

Politicans buy and sell other peoples', so:

Here's a list of the Democratic party sell-out sonsofbitches who decided it was easier (and/or more profitable to them in reagrd to their careers) to vote for a bankruptcy bill that guarantees those less economically fortunate will be treated like unwilling organ donors in China if they dare to get sick, lose their jobs, or pile up some credit card debt and THEN get sick or lose their jobs.

To these worthless sellout scumbags flying under the flag of FDR and others, I can only say:

"We thought you were human beings, decent people, but I guess it turns out you were just vicious self-serving sonsofbitches all along. May anal fissures and gastric disorders follow you all the days of your lives and may you find yourselves completely unable to control the angry noisy flatulence that is no more than the rotting gasses of your corruption escaping from your sack of putrid meat. Whether it comes out anally as loud embarrasing farts or orally as your lying sleazy campaign promises and Senate speeches, I can only hope even the dumbest in our society recognize it for what it is.
We believed in you, that you would protect us from the Bush-League Plunderers, but you betrayed us."

The Democratic Senators voting for the New Improved, Kiss-the-Ass of the CCCCC (Credit Card Companies Contributing to their Campaigns) Bankrupcy Bill:

Max Baucus
Evan Bayh
Joe Biden
Jeff Bingaman
Robert Byrd
Tom Carper
Kent Conrad
Daniel Inouye
Tim Johnson
Herb Kohl
Mary Landrieu
Blanche Lincoln
Ben Nelson
Bill Nelson
Mark Pryor
Harry Reid
Ken Salazar
Debbie Stabenow

---And what?
The only surprise on the list here is that Little Joey Lieberman isn't on it -- guess he's too busy kissing George W's ass personally to pull his nose out of the crack long enough to sell out the Democratic voter base.


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