Ahhh -- Brad DeLong refers us to Jacqueline Mackie Paisely Passey who quotes her friend Julie who posted what she and Brad DeLong and I (I aggrandize myself by placing my self in their company) all consider in the running for Best Line Ever:

"Republican publicists have done a good job of getting that "big tent party" meme to stick. Whenever I see it, to avoid gagging, I always think of a big circus tent full of animals that, in nature, would eat each other. And clowns. Scary, scary clowns."

To which Ms Paissey adds:

"Maybe that's the real reason why I remain a Libertarian Party hack instead of joining the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. I can sense that in the wild, the conservative Christians would eat me."

While I agree with Ms Paisely on that point -- that Republicans ALWAYS turn cannibal as soon as they are in a position of power, devour their young and attack each other, I must also disagree with Ms Paisely -- she's no hack.

No one in elected position listens to or cares about what anyone without a wheelbarrow full of soft money thinks. The honest position is to embody and vivify the idealistic impossible, holding up a standard that reminds some of them to think -- those with any conscience left at all:

"What would a libertarian do?"


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