You go, George W.

Stick with it, Monkey Boy -- if you want John Bolton in New York telling it like he sees it to the reps of the rest of the world, why shouldn't you get it?

And if you want the Godly 10 on Federal courts, Ms Brown and the rest of the "I'm right -- it's the laws that are wrong" crew, hey, it's your country isn't it? I mean you guys own it now, or at least for a while, right?

And if you want to gut Social Security by pulling 2 trillion dollars out and giving it to your friends on Wall Street, well, who's gonna stop you, right?

Fucking Democrats hate God and love anal sex, just like Mr. Robinson said, and are all secretly plotting to bring back Communism.

I say you should get whatever you ask for because I truly believe in a saying by another man of vision and power, Napoleon Boneparte. He said this:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake,"

and I add this bit of wisdom just so you can get prepared for what comes next:

"Be careful the asses you kick on the way up -- they're the same ones you'll have to kiss on the way down."

What I love about that second quote is that none of you guys EVER think it will apply to you. Oh, you'll still be a rich kid, but you will be spit on and reviled every where you go. Because you forgot that while you don't have to run for office again, the other Republicans -- the actual Conservatives -- not the Right-Wing Crazies who like to call themselves Conservative -- do -- and if there's one thing congressmen know, it's how to find out which way the wind blows. They're already turning against you for their own survival.

You're gonna end up like Nixon ... even Ken Lay won't answer your phone calls. And as we all dig out of this depression and the chaos of worldwide civil wars -- your legacy to us -- you will not be able to show your face in public -- and at the 2012 Republican Convention, your name -- like your father's at the 1996 Convention -- won't be mentioned by anyone.

Hey -- even the hard-core Nazi's started saving Jews when they saw the end was coming, but since you rely on Karl Rove -- a man who will never have to take responsibility for what he told you to do -- you'll never see it coming, never fall over until the ground shifts under your feet.

Stay healthy, live a long time in the Hell you're creating for yourself.

At least the rest of us, while we dig our way out of the Depression you're putting us in, at least we will have SOMETHING to laugh about.


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