Yet ANOTHER new Definiton of CHUTZPAH from this administration

Rice, in Baghdad, Urges Sunni Role in Constitution

Published: May 16, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 15 - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew to Iraq on Sunday to urge its new Shiite-dominated government to greatly increase the involvement of Sunni Arabs in writing the Iraqi constitution, amid growing administration alarm that a chance to draw the Sunni minority into Iraq's new democracy is slipping away...

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, outfitted in a helmet and flak jacket, just after her arrival Sunday in Salahuddin in northern Iraq...

Ms. Rice, in an interview, said she had told the leaders here that their efforts to punish Sunni Arabs linked to the old government must 'respect the fact that there now needs to be an inclusive Iraqi process and an inclusive Iraqi government.'

----- Oh I love that. There's the Bitch of the Beltway, in flak jacket and helmet, telling the Iraqi's to "do as we say, pay no attention to what WE do." Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands Shi'a and Kurds are doing their John Wayne impersonation, i.e., "I'm lookin' for the men who killed my paw .. and maw.. and brothers and sisters .. and my cat..." And Sleezy is telling them, "Oh, just forget about it, that these guys dropped the hammer on your family and friends. Because we (who put Saddam in power in the first place) are asking you to do so."

... The anxious atmosphere surrounding Ms. Rice's journey was compounded by a further wave of the violence that has shaken the new government. Iraqi officials announced the discovery of 46 bodies at sites in and near Baghdad, three suicide bombings and three shootings, including one that killed a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country's most revered Shiite cleric...

"And oh, by the way, just because they're STILL killing your friends and family, dozens every day, doesn't mean you can't give them some power in the new government. Even though they refused to vote." (Not that her boyfriend will tolerate anyone even disagreeing with us or allow them a say in the way WE govern.)

... In an interview after the talks, Ms. Rice said she had specifically cautioned the Iraqis that de-Baathification - the process Shiite hard-liners favor of purging the government and the new armed forces of all who served at senior levels under Saddam Hussein - should not be so severe as to impede the creation of an 'inclusive' government...

Ahh, yet another "Do as we say."
I especially like how the new York Times' reporters are bending over for the Teeth Mother's Strap-on, using the words she gave them... "Shiite hard-liners... 'inclusive government..." Because you folks are so exemplary at forgiving opposition people and commuting sentences for killers.

...She said she also made clear that the Bush administration was deeply concerned that the parliamentary committee drafting the new Iraqi constitution had only 2 Sunni Arabs among its 55 members.

American officials, she told the Iraqi leaders, have 'concerns about the committee that was appointed and the Sunni representation on that committee.'

--- HEY -- the Sunni's didn't vote -- the Shi'a didn't even have to have Diebold hack the machines or make Sunni's stand on line for hours and hours... THEY decided they didn't want to participate in the new government. It's called "Democracy," something you should have read about when you were at Stanford.

... The vote, which drew millions of Iraqis to the polls, was seen as a major boost to the American plan to build a Western-style democracy here.

But that political momentum was largely lost in the three months of negotiating and maneuvering it took for the new government to emerge, and a brief lull in violence has given way to one of the war's bloodiest passages, with at least 70 car bombings and nearly 500 people killed over the past two weeks.

Note it well: THE AMERICAN PLAN ... to let them have all the sovereignty and democracy we're willing to give them ... as long as they don't make choices we don't like.

I love it -- THEY should open their arms to mass murderers when the Republicans are denouncing Democrats as "enemies of God," because they disagree with 5% of the substandard fanatics Monkey Boy was told to appoiunt to the judiciary...

But the Sunni Arabs with links to the Baathist past are the exact people who could help reach out to insurgent leaders, including Sunni tribal chiefs, who, American officials say, have sent preliminary signals that they may be ready to negotiate."

Kind of like giving the former torturers for Batista the franchise to determine state and national elections. Works for them.

Ms. Rice's strategy appeared to be to try to win the Kurdish leaders' backing for a more conciliatory attitude toward Sunni Arabs.

The Jaafari government's relations with Sunni Arab leaders were jarred even before it took office, with the Shiite leaders vetoing a wide array of Sunni nominees to the new cabinet before agreeing to seven slots in the 35-member ministry for Sunni officials who have been disparaged within their own community as Shiite pawns.

Sure -- what does it matter that these are the same people who killed thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of YOUR family and friends? Can't y'all be Christian about it?

... Many Shiite leaders, particularly those of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, a powerful Islamist party, strongly favor exhaustive de-Baathification. In the early stages of the occupation, American officials in Baghdad also favored wide purges of Baathists.

Dr. Jaafari and other Shiite political leaders are trying to balance the urgings of American officials with the demands for justice by their constituents, who were widely persecuted under Mr. Hussein and the Sunni Baathists...

Kind of like De-Nazification? Just say, "Oh well," and smuggle them into the US?

She puts on her boots and leather and pretends no one notices we have a new Ilso Koch wannabe in the house doing the dirty workthose Rec Room Patriots are too delicate to do for themselves. ("Let the black gal do it -- those liberals won't dare criticize a black gal...") Only they don't use the word 'black'


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