Closing military bases for WHAT reasons?

OK -- let's overlook the statistics posted yesterday here as provided by Daily Kos (via Ambidextrous) that the bottom line of this business was this:

Blue States lost 27, 138 jobs
Red States gained 14,710 jobs

(Don't those innocent coincidences just amaze you?)

There have been two reasons given for the base closings:

1. To save money, specifically, $48.8 billion over 20 years. To put that in perspective, that's the cost of about one month in Iraq. And speaking of which:

2. To re-structure for post-cold war needs.

I have to wonder, in what way have any of these monomaniacal morons in the Bush administration demonstrated an ability to know what is needed militarily anywhere, anytime?

Their great success in Iraq where they prepared for a battle that would last "Not months, but weeks," as old Redrumsfeld said?

Their insistence on their right to re-interpret intelligence reports (which is probably so) but that every time they used their own judgment, they were WRONG.

Their refusal to listen to general officers who actually knew from both study and experience what happens in combat situations?

Their callous and casual "too bad" approach to sending Americans in to slaughter Iraqi civilians and BE slaughtered because they were not equippedwith either training or equipment to deal with the locals getting pissed off.

And I think that last point may be the key -- they actually believe that not only should they be allowed to do ANYTHING they want, anywhere, anytime, regardless of the requirments of the Constitution, the will of the people, or the cost in lives and mutilations and money -- but that NO ONE should EVER DARE to OBJECT.

NO ONE -- questions are to be slapped down as seditious.
Disagreements are tantamount to treason.
Perhaps I can ask, sarcastically:
"Why do they hate the American system of government so much?"

If they were dogs and behaved this way, they'd be put down.
But dogs wouldn't behave this way unless they were seriously sick.
Which is, perhaps, the case with this band of Executive Miscreants.


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