"Hot Tub Tommy" DeLay says there's someone other than him that has "no class?"

Following the current standard of those so-called 'conservatives' to never appear in front of any audience in which any person who might disagree with or question the particular human impersonator standing up there while he and his pals rake in the loot and build the "boot on the face" Orwell talked about bigger and heavier to make sure the old and sick and poor they're stealing from can never get up, Tom Delay pranced in front of a packed house of lobotomized cheerleaders, each of whom supposedly paid $2,000 to watch him do his act, and act that consisted almost entirely of attacking the hapless Democrats in order to direct attention away from his own felonious approach to government.

"Pay no attention to the thieves behind the curtain," he said "those orphans WANTED me to have that money. Besides, that Abramoff thing -- you think I'd deal with a Jew? A Yankee Jew?"

"No ideas, no leadership, no agenda," Mr. DeLay said in a speech to hundreds of conservatives gathered at the banquet. "And in just the last week we can add to that list: no class."

Well, the Democrats' ideas of a government that serves the people (not as dinner for corporate executives) by "insuring the general welfare" with services and resources -- those ideas have been systematically demonized for decades as the right-wing has painted the sick and the poor and the elderly as "special interests."

In fact EVERYONE is a Special Interest except the corporate biggies who send him and the rest of them their annual bribes ... correction ... "campaign contributions."

But "No leadership" seems true enough, and if the Demo's have an agenda, I haven't heard about it.

But the idea that "Hot Tub Tommy" could point his bug-killing finger at ANYONE ELSE at having 'NO CLASS" beggars the imagination.

Except to the brain-damaged fundies who eat spoonful after spoonful of his shit and smack their lips and say "Yummy yummy yummy, it's so good in the tummy -- O please sir, may we have some more?"

This is a man with NO HONOR, NO INTEGRITY (someday these assholes will learn that blind loyalty is not the same thing), and NO SENSE OF DECENCY -- this so-called man is dissing someone else?

This is someone about whom people would have to stop and think which choice to make if offered a quiet dinner with him or the late Jeffrey Dahmer.

Ultimately, this is a person who -- along with Monkey Boy and the people who have their greedy hands up Monkey Boy's Sock-puppet ass -- will destroy the Republican Party. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I only know, in future times, those myriad people who spit on likenesses of George W Bush, will save a little saliva for Tom DeLay.

Actually, I have some to spare right now.


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