I stand by yesterday's words, but add an optimistic aspect to it...

I still hold that Karl Rove is a slimy, sleazy, undead, flatulent, mud-slinging shitbird in the disgusting lowlife tradition of Richard Nixon and various rabid animals -- the physiology of rabies being that with loss of vision, the infected creature can't see jack shit and so attacks anything that moves. That seems to me to be a statement of fact... all of it. And I'm actually being tactful here. (And I admit, he has his fans, but even they know him as "Turd-blossom." )

But his hysteria also betrays his panic. When a band of -- if you pardon the vile and sexist Anglicism -- vicious, greedy, craven, homocidal cunts -- a pack of Rec Room Patriots who were too goddamn precious to answer a draft call back when another idiotic patriot-wasting war was in full flower -- start pointing fingers of disloyalty -- well, strike that --

They have ALWAYS pointed fingers of disloyalty at anyone they couldn't meet face-to-face on even ground without lying and flinging shit like a highly-stressed ape -- from Nixon on Jerry Voorhis to Nixon on Helen Gahagan Douglas to Nixon on Hubert Humphrey to Nixon on George McGovern to George W Bush on John McCain to George W Bush on John Kerry ("He's a disloyal coward because his THIRD wound fighting in Vietnam wasn't all that bad, while I bravely flew obsolete jets in Texas -- when I could find the time away from my busy coke habit to actually fulfill my obligations.").

But when the level of hysteria rises to Karl Rove's level of late, we're looking at the screaming heebie-jeebies of a bunch of turd-creatures circling the bowl

"You unpatriotic people -- It's all YOUR fault for flushing... Aiiyeee!"

So it could be good news.

That the people of our country are finally realizing that 1700 Americans who swore to do whatever shit they were told was needed to protect this country have died in vain, the tens of thousands who have had their lives and minds destroyed in pursuit of this vanity also. And the dozens and dozens of thousands of Iraqi's -- oh well who cares about THEM? Forget them. We don't care how many, except as body counts for the hometown papers."

That this war of total self-serving inutility (it's a Tejano term) is no more than an exercise in greed and sexual sickness, cheer-led by a boy in a man's suit out of Oedipal vanity, and approved (almost UNANIMOUSLY) by a pack of terrified chickenshits who panicked the first time they were really tested -- i.e., "Jeezus -- they might actually try to kill US instead of just the poor people!" (Barbara Lee, congressperson from Oakland/Berkeley, CA) being the lone exception who kept her head while all around her were losing theirs. And she had her life threatened for doing so -- by other members of the guess-which party in congress.)

So let us all stand on the rim of the toilet-bowl of politics and watch and cheer as this particularly diarrheac bunch of stinkos swirl and scream and insist it's all a conspiracy and lie and lie and lie right down to the final SWOOSH into the sewer of those like them, there to spend eternity with the people they paid off and the people they killed.

We've had more than enough of these people who think other people's lives are toys to play with and break while they hide out in dark corners of "undisclosed locations," like Vlad Cheney and George W Renfield -- Rehnquist? -- Nope, Renfield is the one that eats bugs, Rehnquist is someone else.

To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: "Let 'em eat shit."

Their turn to find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of that long spoon.


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