HEY George --

Rove Case May Loom as Test of Loyalty for Bush

WASHINGTON, July 12 - Loyalty has long been the most hallowed virtue in the Bush White House, but rarely has it been tested the way it has this week.

No one has been closer to the president longer, or bailed him out of more tight spots, than Karl Rove, his chief political adviser. Now the question is whether President Bush can protect Mr. Rove from a gathering political storm, no matter how furious it becomes....

So -- George --

We, the people who pay your salary mean LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY, NOT JUST LOYALTY TO YOUR PALS. Understand the difference? Or are you, like both your grandfathers, willing to be a traitor* for your personal gain?

*Both Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker sold Nazi bonds throughout the 30's, i.e., raised money for the Third Reich even after we were at war with them.
For 10 months after we were at war with Germany, those two raised and sent money to the Third Reich -- money to buy Nazi bullets to kill our soldiers. Finally. congress had to forcibly stop them. There's this family tradition of thinking a Bush is bigger than the law.


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