Still whining (and maintaining their victim-fantasy) about Robert Bork

Bork's 1987 hearings on senators' minds

July 4, 2005 | WASHINGTON -- In the eyes of still-bitter conservatives, Robert Bork is the symbol of the Senate's advise-and-consent power gone haywire. To liberals and the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bork's confirmation hearings revealed extreme views that warranted rejection of the Supreme Court nominee...

Bork suggested he is still being demonized by senators who opposed him in 1987.

"I think they recognized what they did and they have to keep justifying it, and they have to keep misrepresenting me,'' Bork said of the senators who sent his nomination down to defeat. Bork appeared on CNN's "Late Edition....''

--- oh what unbelieveable crap... I remember watching those hearings and LONG BEFORE anyone discussed Right or Left or general judicial philosophy, Bork, asked about porn theaters (he was against 'em because of kids walking by and seeing the posters and etc and etc...) was asked then what if the theater couldn't put ANY posters outside, not even the name of the film playing, what about that?

And he said, "No -- because the people would watch the movie inside but the poison would be in their minds and they'd carry the infection out into society."


At that point, I decided there was no question of Right or Left, but that this baritone with a bad beard was ... to put it technically... Robert Bork was fucking nuts.

That was before the great smackdown when Barbara Jordan deigned to give Mr. Bork a public scolding and much-needed lesson about the First Amendment. (She was the last person I could have voted for for President with great enthusiasm and without any reservations.)

To all those right-wing assholes who keep telling those of us who still bridle at the memory of at least one and, apparently, TWO elections stolen in the last 5 years and the resultant theocratic return to Oliver Cromwell and tell us to "get over it..."

GET OVER IT -- stop whining and complaining

You didn't get what you wanted -- oh boo-fucking-hoo.

Grow up.


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