"Six Feet Under" gets a de-fib hit...

OK -- the quality level had slid down like the swirling I-don't-want-to-know-what-it-is swirls down the drain behind Rico's feet down in the basement cadaver room.

But the show aired on July 4th titled "Eat a Peach" had a few moments of what was so amazing about this show originally -- moments that appear/feel as if they're just happening, perhaps shot while the actors were on a break but in character ... the scene between the two crazies -- George and Billy on the back porch steps passing a beer back and forth ... Ruth's explosion at Claire as she comes into the kitchen... bits of the magic, the lightning in a bottle they had originally ... and I have to give them the cheer, because as hard as it is to do it the first time, it's much harder to find it again once you've lost it.

No one (other than Parsival) ever got to go back to the Grail Temple once they woke up outside, evicted. And Parsival went back with a Muslim knight after they'd decided "after all, we're both children of the same father," that line being part of the reason the Roman Church declared the Grail Cult an excommunicable offense.

But they found it again -- Parsival and the Six Feet Under folks -- so kudos to y'all -- whether it took firings, hirings, joining the Rosicrucians -- whatever, there was a bit of magic there.


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