An amusing observation

I find it bizarre and amazing that whether it is Republicans-Democrats, Israelis-Palestinians, Catholics-Protestants, Palefaces-People of Color, etc ... that members of every group seem to think they're DIFFERENT from the fellows on the other side of the EM-dash.

They're not.

Chocma baboons think Hamadryas baboons are stinky, but they're both baboons..

Siberian Huskies and Samoyets seems to hate each other on sight -- but they're both sled dogs.

In every case, they're no more than (and often less than) two sides of the same coin.

But hey, we're supposed to pick a team and it doesn't matter which.

The joke is -- it really DOESN'T matter which -- they're all the same:

Setting free the fly
Causes the spider to starve,
Rooting for a team


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