Pohl & Kornbluth Justified -- Chicken Little becoming reality

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists aim for lab-grown meat

An international research team has proposed new techniques that may lead to the mass production of meat reared not on the farm, but in the laboratory.

Developments in tissue engineering mean that cells taken from animals could be grown directly into meat in a laboratory, the researchers say.

Scientists believe the technology already exists to directly grow processed meat like a chicken nugget.

In The Space Merchants(1953) Frederick Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth -- arguably the greatest writing team in science fiction history, perhaps in literary history ("Literature is news that stays news." Ezra Pound) presented us with a gigantic throbbing growing sphere of chicken flesh known as 'Chicken Little' to those prisoners sentenced to circle the growing entity on catwalks in an underground, hot, humid environment,slicing off the sections that had become ripe.

And now, here we are, only 53 years later. (Oh, for those who haven't read the book -- it's wonderful fine -- most of the other predictions about corporate schemes and advertising/marketing outragfes have already come to pass. If you're one of them, get a copy of the book and enjoy it.)


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