Texas county bans parking near Bush ranch

WACO, Texas (AP) -- Two weeks after Cindy Sheehan left her anti-war campsite by the road leading to President Bush's ranch, county commissioners have banned parking along 23 miles of roads in the area.

Before the 4-1 vote Tuesday, McLennan County Commissioner Ray Meadows said about 80 residents had complained of blocked roads, loud music and public health and safety concerns during the 26-day protest near Bush's ranch outside Crawford, about 20 miles west of Waco.

"It's not a First Amendment issue. It's a safety issue," Meadows said, adding that "no parking" signs could be put up this week.

Sure it is -- doesn't matter anyway -- after last night's $200 billion "don't hit me" speech, the real danger to Bush might be coming from members of the Republican Caucus who are guests at the ranch.


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