At long last, sirs and madames, have you no shame? No ...

No consciences. No grasp of reality?

You pezzonovante assholes IMPEACHED President Clinton for lying about something every man in the world would be inclined to lie about -- did you take the sleazy road with the chubby little intern and cheat on your wife when she was out of town?

(As Lenny Bruce -- a true philosopher of post WWII America said, It doesn't matter, deny deny deny. If she walks in on the two of you in bed you tell the wife that the young woman's father just died and she was finding it hard to breath so you took off all her clothes and then she was embarrassed so you took off yours just to comfort her and then she was going into hysterical convulsions so you lay down on top of her to keep her from hurting herself and...)

The point being, that having to admit he went along with the rotund little adventuress -- hell, the man worked 18 hours a day and from morning to night the first and last thing he heard every was "You stink," "You're a monster," "You're a murderer," etc..."

And then this chubby little cutie comes in with a pizza and tells you the sun rises and sets with you and ... it's late, you're lonely, it's understandable, but to admit you failed your vows to your wife would be hard enough -- to do it to the whole world ... sheesh... he was ashamed and embarrassed, and ultimately -- other than the Radical Fundamentalists who believe sperm is the apple and therefore a blow job re-creates the Original Sin -- he and his marriage were the only ones harmed...

BUT -- let's have some memory, now, post 9-11 -- when Clinton went after Osama Ben Ladn, they (the GOP) all screamed "YOU"RE WAGGING THE DOG, TRYING TO TAKE THE FOCUS OFF MONICA."

AND NOW -- when Kaye Bailey Hutchinson (and all the rest of the little GOP
robots) are parroting:

"Criminalizing politics."

"Perjury is just a minor thing -- it's a technicality." (Right, just a minor impeachable felony.)

--and since they can't conceivably convince anyone that Mr. Fitzgerald is partisan, they go for: "He doesn't understand the way things work around here."

I think of what H L Mencken said:

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

The death toll of US Military personnel in Iraq hit 1999 yesterday -- the casualty toll (physical and mental) is at 34,700 according to some sources.

The polls show the American public is almost to the point of storming the fucking White House, Dept of Defense and Capitol Hill and getting out the tumbrels --

The insanely manic cries of the 30's radicals "Hang 'em from the lamp-posts" sound so wonderfully nostalgic now, kind of the same as listening to early Swing Music -- you listen to those old guys and you think "Damn, sure sounds like those musicians were having a lot more fun making music than our Jazz people today."

I say no fucking quarter for any of them -- they're so goddamn tough, forget Club Fed ... let 'em serve their time in Chino -- is it still The Gladiator School? Do they still issue newbies a garbage can lid and a stick and send 'em intothe yard to fight it out?

Let Cheney and Rove and Scooter talk tough and tell Rasheed and Rasullalah of the Black Warriors how they integrated their administration with Condoleeza Rice and Coilin Powells. Let 'em tell Clyde and Billy Joe of the Aryan Brotherhood how they're REALLY all for white guys. Let 'em tell La Raza and La Familia about how much they love Hispanic folk.

THESE GUYS THINK NOTHING OF KILLING PEOPLE to improve their personal fortunes and their political positions (actually, having others kill on their behalf) ...

They're fair game.
Let 'em play it out the way they decided to play it in ... tough guys ... We're ALL tired of paying for what THEY'RE afraid of (and what they're afraid of is someone taking away their privilege).

The hell with them --

If I outlive any of them, I'd be delighted to piss on all their graves if it weren't for the fact that, like Rosa Parks, my feet hurt andI don't like having to wait, standing in a long line.


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