There's a REASON the "Official Press" (Judy Miller, New York Times,
Washington Times, ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Washington Post, et al) have talking point threads that include an obligatory contempt for/sarcasm about disparaging of the

Let me tell you Aesop's story about the starving wolf meeting the well fed dog through the fence outside the master's house (aka the Blogger and the Big Time Journalist)

This wolf is on his last legs, hasn't eaten anything but some berries and roots and a mouse in days, crawling with lice and covered with sores and he comes up to a house with a chain-link fence around it and behind that fence, a dog. The dog seems friendly so they begin to talk.

The dog tells him about how he gets fed all the time and combed and brushed and has a soft bed and all of that and all he has to do was bark when bad guys came around -- protect the master's home.

And he tells the wolf that he could come in and get a great job like that too ...

And the wolf says, "Fucking-a great" and starts for the gate, but then stops and asks:

"But wait -- what's that mark around your neck, where all the fur is rubbed down?"

And the dog tells him about the collar and the leash and some other stuff, and that the collar isn't so bad, and besides why would he want to go anywhere else when he has it so good... and the wolf says:

"And they cut off WHAT? I'll starve, thank you."

(Except for Helen Thomas.)


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