Thoughts on Bush going Green --

It's Mr. Conservation.

Why, ask the journalists?

Hey -- even hard-core Nazis starting saving a few Jews once they saw the end was near and the Red Army bearing down on Berlin.

The one thing these ignorant greedhead pricks named Bush and Rove and Cheney DO know is when their voted-tenure is in danger and the spoils of Daddy and his pals are being threatened. So they're preaching CONSERVATION because they're planning to hike the price of oil EVEN HIGHER. You think $3 a gallon is anything?

You can set your watches to it -- investigations = indictments = smokescreens = Flop Sweat (no one's laughing at their jokes anymore) = party members playing to their own re-election/contributions (bribes) and throw you overboard = grab everything you can and get the hell out of town --- they're in the Wm Burroughs Nova Mob mode, i.e. --

"So pack yer ermines Mary, 'cause the whole shithouse is going up in chunks."

They're picking up the pennies off the eyes of the dead men they killed.

Nice guys, all of them.


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