Where have I heard that before?

Bush: Islamic radicalism doomed to fail - Oct 6, 2005

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush told Americans on Thursday that evil men must be stopped "before their crimes can multiply" and that Islamic radicalism "contains inherent contradictions that doom it to failure."

----ahhh, yes, my father, born in 1909, a man who got through college working for the bootleggers, who supported the Wobblies and the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, and in whose house I learned all the words to The Four Insurgent Generals, Tachanka,** Freiheit, The Peat-Bog Soldiers, Meadowlands, Minstrel Boy, The Three Ravens and others, (mostly from the 1947 collection: The Fireside Book of Folk Songs), who gave me a 78 RPM set of Paul Robeson singing Ballad for Americans for a birthday present.

When I was young and he had had a few -- he would say:

"The inconsistencies of capitalism will prove its downfall."

Someone recently said, as a joke, that if Bush and Rove were moles for the Socialist Workers Party dead set on the long term plan of destroying the Republican Party and totally discrediting the Conservative Movement, they'd do EXACTLY what they're doing.

I figure it must be Rove, because I doubt that Bush understands what "inherent contradictions" are.

(And I notice -- unless I missed something -- that Capitalism hasn't quite fallen yet.)*

*Writer-philosopher Robert Anton Wilson holds -- and makes a pretty good case for it -- that during the 20th century, Russia did NOT have a Socialist Revolution, but the United States DID.


The tachanka was a four-wheeled cart used in the Ukraine. During the Civil Wars, the partisans would equip it with a machine-gun, with one or two men handling the gun and one driving the horses. They would cover gunners and gun with straw, drive into an area being controlled by either the Tsarist Army or the Cossacks, and when in the midst of many of them, throw off the straw and fire and fire, allowing them -- for the first time ever -- to match the superiority of the cavalry. The song is what today would be called 'sociopathic:'

"See a cloud of dust arising/ Where the horses dash ahead/
And their danger recognizing/Bird has flown and beast has fled./
Ah, tachanka, little Rostov wagon/Of your beauty we are proud/
Little wagon of the Land of Azor/Dashing wildly through the crowd."


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