I Am A Snarky Bitch

Shut Your Mouth Woman

I have a tight little body. Slim hips, strong thighs, round breasts. I did gymnastics competitively until I grew bored, and I played soccer as an outlet for teen/college angst. I'm limber and strong. I've got a cute face and a girly voice, and I so could be your girl next door fantasy. But unfortunately I am too smart for my own good. Once I open my mouth and offer up something halfway intelligent, I get worshipped for my mind. I get that at work and at home every damn day. Can't a girl just enjoy a little old fashioned objectifying admiration now & then?

I have long wondered why men do NOT find smart tough women attractive. Not beat-me-up tough, but stand-up-for-herself tough.

What's their problem?

Not horny by reason of mental defect?

A tight ass AND an independent functioning mind?
More than any man has a right to expect.
A trust fund?
An old neighbor who is still a family-level 60's type drug dealer?

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