Jolting Joe

"Liberal Democrats are enraged at Joe Lieberman for supporting the Iraq war. But will attacking the Connecticut senator make the party stronger -- or alienate its moderates?"

MODERATES? It's not his support of the Iraq War that's alienating Democrats ... it's his fawning, caviling, sleazoid, suckass way of kissing up to Bush.

Any man or woman can believe this war could work out and be a good thing -- I don't happen to, but so what -- just my opinion and as they useta say in the Corps -- "Opinions are like assholes -- everybody's got one and they all stink."

It's the way he acts like a terrified puppy -- rolling onto his back and pissing all over himself in fear and delight whenever he's around Dubya that is so disgraceful and so embarrassing to anyone who has ever wanted to call himself or herself a Democrat or a Jew.

It's a shame -- he says he was a Freedom Rider back in the day, but now he's become the stereotype of the whiny Jew and it's painful to watch, certainly nothing anyone can admire.


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