Wow -- do we need a better definition of DISINGENUOUS?

Seeing all those congresspeople desperately giving away (some of) the bribe money they took overt he past 5 years (to politically useful charities)?


How about Dis-honest?



It's not a hot potato, guys -- it doesn't make any difference if you get rid of it NOW.

You're only going to get burned for having taken it THEN.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

We'll all think fondly of you as we try to deal with the outrageous pharma medicare payoffs, and the rest of the plunder.

The way the Italians thought of Mussolini at the end of that war.

There isn't a jury in this country that wouldn't be ready to convict any of you.

You'd stand a better chance with a change of venue to Baghdad.


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