Bush: Hamas Jeopardizes Palestinian State

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By TERENCE HUNT AP White House Correspondent

February 01,2006 | NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- President Bush said Wednesday the vision of a Palestinian state cannot be realized if a Hamas-led government refuses to renounce its desire to destroy Israel. He also said Iran can have nuclear power but not a nuclear weapon.


Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Mrs. King, Lincoln, Clinton --
none of those people or those people in those countries would piss on him if he were on fire.

Perhaps the problem is that our less-than-literate president (a very traditional attitude among some -- "Hey I'm ignorant as pig shit and dern proud of it, too.") doesn't know the difference between using the presidency as a BULLY PULPIT and using the presidency to JUST BE A BULLY.

Like BULLIES everywhere, he thinks people respect him for his thuggishness.

They didn't elect him to run THEIR countries or to make them work the way HE and his fundie Christers want..

WE didn't elect him either, but the people HE (and his henchmen) paid off did the job THEY were paid for -- and put him in office

But HE isn't doing the job HE'S being paid for ... if he were being paid to ask you if you wanted fries with that, he'd have been fired after a week.

He's always been a bully, backed up by daddy's money, but the true Bush is the man we saw who froze for 7 minutes on 9-11 faced with a situation daddy and his friends couldn't buy him out of.

Perhaps that's why he keeps on and on and on about 9-11 -- because that was his acid test and he failed it and it haunts him -- not that those people died so horribly, but that the whole world saw him for the phony little punkass he really is.


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