Bush, like a Paul Simon song, but different: "still chickenshit after all these years."

Elizabeth Vargas of ABC asked him "But what is the plan if the sectarian violence continues? I mean, do the U.S. troops take a larger role? Do they step in more actively to stop the violence?"

And Old Georgie danced away from reality like a cat pretending it was never going to be in a fight at all -- the way he danced away from his National Guard obligations:

"No. The troops are chasing down terrorists. They're protecting themselves and protecting the people, and — but a major function is to train the Iraqis so they can do the work. I mean the ultimate success in Iraq — and I believe we're going to be successful — is for the Iraqi citizens to continue to demand unity."

Because, as we all know, Little Georgie is just too goddamn precious to EVER be kept to his word or his promise. To be fair, how would he ever know what it's like to finish something? Never has, all his life, not gonna start now, no matter how many people die in the process. Just walk away from the destruction and pretend it isn't on his personal karma.

The Bushes are a dynasty of vermin, and Monkey Boy is the weakest, most despicable in a long line. (Read Kevin Philips: American Dynasty -- it's enough to get the mob out there, charging up the hill with pitchforks and torches. And Philips is not exactly what you'd call a liberal. Just something the Bushies don't understand -- a man with principles instead of hallucinations or delusions of grandeur.)


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