Israel Cuts Off Vital Palestinian Funds

February 20,2006 | GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- A moderate Gaza lawmaker was set to become the first Palestinian prime minister from the Islamic militant group Hamas, as Israel cut off vital funds and branded the new regime a "terrorist authority..."

The (Israeli) Cabinet decided to stop the transfer of the roughly $55 million a month it collects in taxes and tariffs on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. The order did not specify when the payments would stop, but government spokesman Asaf Shariv said the next payment, scheduled for early March, "won't take place."


Oh great -- they're refusing to pay the Palestinians what they owe them, refusing to pay them THEIR own money?

And that's supposed to lower tensions?

A brief history lesson -- the Vatican refused to recognize Israel until December 30, 1993 -- check this out:

Zionist leader Theodore Herzl met with Pope Pius X in January 1904 and asked the Roman Church to support Jewish aspirations for a return to their traditional homeland in Israel. The pope was blunt. "The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people."

And the Roman Church had a lot longer history of killing Jews than the Palestinians.

99 years later, on December 30, 1993, the Holy See decided to recognize Israel. Only 45 years after the State of Israel was established, and only 50 years after Pope Pius X quietly supported the Nazi effort to wipe out the Jews.

So what's the moral?

Who's the terrorist?


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