The Democrat's (WINNING) Ticket in 2008

Looking at 2008, no Hilary, no Kerry, no Gore --

No more tired old Party-Line approved retreads!

Wesley Clark and Russ Feingold --

these are two men who are smart enough and wise enough to know when to stay out of a war, and one of them actually knows -- from experience -- how to end one.

No more Rec Room Patriots who were all just too goddamn precious to interupt their rush to riches to answer a draft call to serve in the vicious no-win, criminal illegal war based on lies and bullshit and fear in Vietnam.

Coincidentally the exact same kind they then got us into in Iraq (thereby neutering any war on terror or pursuit of the son of the Bush Family's closest business ally -- Osama Ben Ladn or any of the Saudi's who attacked us on 9-11.)

This might seem like paranoid conspiracy theory today, but in 10 or 20 years, it'll be obvious to every historian, assuming the Bush family isn't STILL intimidating publishers and journalists.


Time for Americans to overcome their prejudices (no not because they're both Jews) against intelligence and actually elect someone with brains as president.

(I know I must be right about this since Alex Cockburn's "Counterpunch" is already attacking Clark. But then Alex Cockburn has that Brit attitude toward all Jews -- except perhaps, Lord Bernstein, owner of Granada TV and publishing, whose displeasures he was more than willing to convey to writers who irritated them.)


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