The Great Mystery - - a Possible Answer -- hell, a LIKELY answer

Regarding Dick Cheney shooting his friend ... there's that "saw the shot hit him in the face..." which means, in short grass no higher than waist level, he HAD TO BE LOOKING AT HIS FRIEND when he pulled the trigger.

If you can see the shot hit, you can see what it hits while you're pulling the trigger.

So, oh, the great mystery: WHY 14 HOURS?

Because just in case there was going to be a breathalyzer test, a drunken nap of several hours followed by an invigorating waking shower should allow the blood alcohol to drop to acceptable levels.

Of course, as it turned out, this was Texas, where rich people and their friends get a "Pardon me for bothering you but I have to pretend to investigate" from their tame law enforcement officials.

Cheney was probably too drunk to remember that. (Hey, I know he's a vicious prick who would shoot anyone if he wanted to, drunk or sober -- I just think in this case, he didn't mean to do it, was just too blotto to stop his wheeling around gesture of shooting at a sound.)

Is it Occam's Razor or too far-fetched ---

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 — President Bush said Thursday that Vice President Dick Cheney had handled the disclosure of an accidental shooting of a hunting partner "just fine" and that the incident had been a "traumatic moment" for Mr. Cheney as well as a tragic one for the victim.

Right --"just fine" but what a shame poor Mr. Cheney had to suffer shooting his pal AND THEN having to talk about it..

(It's one thing for Ronnie Reagan to say "I forgot to duck."
It's a whole 'nother thing for these swine to say "HE forgot to duck.")

I dream of the entire Bush Family and their cronies in a re-enactment of that fabulous drama "One Night in Ekaterinaburg"


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