Bush Launches Massive Shock & Awe Offensive... Against U.S. Media:

As the Bush administration's Iraq fiasco spirals further out of control, a new phase of the war has begun: an all-out assault on the American media for simply reporting the news. The scope and audacity of this attack is breathtaking: on cue, a bevy of administration officials and rightwing talking heads has begun taking direct aim at the press, accusing reporters of fabricating the Iraq crisis.


And oh yeah -- (see note below on dealing with an indefensible record by attacking your opponent) -- also attack the media, tell the people that what they are reading and hearing is all lies and the result of completely biased selection (but of course, not what they hear from YOU -- they can trust you to tell them the truth and never never never fudge the facts -- well, this time, anyway, this time it's the truth -- for sure -- yeah, that's the ticket).



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