Will Bush Hire a New Senior Adviser? - New York Times

Published: March 23, 2006

WASHINGTON, March 22 — President Bush's suggestion on Tuesday that he may add a new senior figure to his White House team raised questions about the future of two of his closest and most powerful aides, Andrew H. Card Jr. and Karl Rove, as they struggle to put Mr. Bush's White House back on course.

Mr. Rove told associates in recent days that he was confident he could resist calls to bring in new advisers. Still, Mr. Bush's decision not to squelch speculation about such a move — "Well, I'm not going to announce it right now," he said Tuesday at his news conference, with Mr. Rove watching — did nothing to restore diminished Republican confidence in a White House team that once promoted a reputation for efficiency, order and impeccable political instincts.


Got to have some Jonah or other to throw over the side and blame everything on...

Boyoboyoboy -- won't MonkeyBoy be surprised when he finds out, after all is said and done, HE'S the one they'll blame it ALL on?



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