Is the Media Only Showing the Bad News in Iraq?

From The Huffington Post -- an excerpt from Paul Rieckhoff's blog (read the entire article via the link above):

"...The President and others have been blasting the media (except for Fox) for only showing the bad news.

"I believe that press coverage in Iraq is definitely too narrow.

"But too negative? I don't think so. If you are looking for good news stories in a war zone, you are looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place. It is like looking for virgins at the Playboy mansion--you might find a few, but they're certainly not the majority. If you want good news stories, go to Disneyland. Not Iraq...

"I thought I'd try something new: I asked a soldier on the ground what he thinks about this debate. The guy I asked is a very trusted old friend of mine--an infantryman serving in Ramadi right now who supported the initial invasion of Iraq 100%... one simple question: "What do you say when people say the media doesn't tell enough good news stories out of Iraq?"

"I never hear that because we all here know the good news stories are bullshit and do not really affect the mission in any way...

"What are the good news stories? I would love to hear them. Spare me the heart warming tales of a single family or school or neighborhood that was helped. Operation Iraqi Freedom is, at this point, an abject failure. This is the most dangerous place on earth and it's getting worse, not better...

"... The "we don't hear good news from Iraq" mindset is one that is totally ignorant of Iraqi culture. There is no good news."

Hmm, in the words of Big Brother (i.e., jeb Bush's Little Brother) and his handlers: "Obviously a malcontent."

Of course if any of those Rec Room Patriots who were just too goddamn precious to actually serve in the military (and no I do NOT include a Rich Kid in a Rich Kid's National Guard Unit) -- they'd know that "malcontent" is the norm for any good, coherent fighting force.


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