Why I am against impeaching George W Bush and also why the Three Amigos of the Bush Admin aren't the only wankers around

(06-29) 07:49 PDT Berkeley, Calif. (AP) --

The left-leaning city of Berkeley will let voters decide whether to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The City Council voted Tuesday night to put an advisory measure on the Nov. 7 ballot calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

The measure says the administration violated the Constitution with illegal domestic spying, justified the Iraq war with fraudulent claims and illegally tortured citizens.

The move is largely symbolic because only Congress has impeachment powers.

The city will spend $10,000 to put the measure on the ballot.





OK -- I keep referring to Dumsfeld, Shotgun Dick, and Monkey Boy as the Three Amigos who sit around jerking each other off.

And no, it's not a vice unique to Republicans.

What it is about -- this metaphorical wanking -- is about a sexual fantasy that has nothing to do with reality, that in fact, doesn't even consider reality as relevant, regardless of how many people get hurt, just so long as it feels good to them.

Like the Berkeley City Council.

First, they have become so totally marginalized as irrelevant that even the hard-core Left finds them silly. It's amazing that they don't seem to know that.

Second -- they're spending $10,000 of the taxpayers money that should go to pothole-fixing, sewer repair, school repairs, etc --and for what?

To say:

"Oh he's a bad boy and should be removed from office."

So I guess I have to add supercilious elitism to the above -- because they seem to think they're THE ONLY ONES clever enough to have figured that out -- don't seem to realize there isn't ANYONE around who doesn't know that yet.

Except the people who don't think it's true and who will never be swayed by the argument of political officials who -- on a tiny scale -- are just as involved in plundering the treasury for personal agenda bullshit as Monkey Boy and his Henchmonsters.

We moved out of Berkeley a while ago for a variety of reasons, and one of them was that we stopped voting for whomever would be the funniest mayor or supervisor and started thinking about potholes, stop signs, traffic lights, schools, sewers, and generally electing people who will actually serve the people of the city rather than spending their time having a circle jerk about the Nobel Peace Prize.

There is an axiom I developed while in and around Berkeley over the years and I have found it is generally true:

The bigger the concept of the bumper sticker (World peace, Save Whales, etc) the more likely the driver is to make a left turn from the right lane or some such crime of inattention, and never stop talking on the cell phone while doing it..

If that person is driving a VW or Volvo (used to be) or a Prius (even more so) -- he or she will also flip you the finger (but smiling) when you honk at them.

And to the rest of the world -- guess what?

I'm talking about the Berkeley Government -- NOT the people who live in Berkeley, many of whom -- perhaps even most of whom -- are NOT silly morons.


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