Congresspeople kill their own futures by crapping on teenagers...

Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls

WASHINGTON, July 25 — The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would make it a federal crime to help an under-age girl escape parental notification laws by crossing state lines to obtain an abortion.

The bill was approved on a 65-to-34 vote, with 14 Democrats joining 51 Republicans in favor.

A similar measure passed the House last year, and President Bush said he would sign the legislation if the two chambers could work out their differences and send a final bill to him.

In a statement, Mr. Bush said that “transporting minors across state lines to bypass parental consent laws regarding abortion undermines state law and jeopardizes the lives of young women.”

Critics questioned the necessity of the measure, saying it would apply to only a small number of cases and could result in criminal charges against close relatives or clergy members who interceded to help in a time of personal crisis.


What gets me, although it shouldn't, is that they're not only totally self-serving swine -- we already knew that -- but amazingly short-sighted self-serving swine.

Do they think the then-to-be 18-year-olds will forget this happened in a year or two?



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