"The protesters at the DLC's convention derided them as Republicans. But the real pachyderm in the Denver Hyatt was Iraq -- a subject Hillary Clinton and other moderate Democrats don't want to talk about."

Dear Hillary -- if you don't have the fortitude to talk straight to us, answer our questions and concerns, then fuck you.

Let Barbara Boxer run.
Or Joe Biden.
Wesley Clark.
Even better -- Tom Harken of Iowa.

Because -- bet on it -- if you run, you will cost the Democrats MORE votes than Ralph Nader did. And don't pretend it's because people "call strong women bitches." Some of us would LOVE to see a strong woman as our president -- Barbara Boxer, Barbara Lee, Nancy Pelosi, even.

You ARE a bitch -- a signifying, hypocritical, self-serving, phoney.

And we already have one of those in the oval office.

The ironic thing -- if you bow out gracefully now, the Democrats will applaud you, honor you, perhaps even decide you MIGHT be worthy of the office afterall.


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