Former Bush aide kills son, self

Washington Post, July 15, 2006

A former Bush administration official, after arguing violently with his wife Thursday night, shot and killed his 12-year-old son inside their McLean home, then turned a shotgun on himself and committed suicide, Fairfax County police said.

William H. Lash III, 45, was an assistant secretary of commerce from 2001 until last year, then returned to teach at George Mason University Law School in Arlington, where he had begun as a professor in 1994. His wife, Sharon K. Zackula, fled the house before the shootings, and police said yesterday they were not sure what ignited the murder-suicide in a first-floor bedroom.

And yet, when people used to say "There's something unwholesome, not quite healthy, about Bush and his pals," people would say "Oh that's just because you don't like him." True -- I don't like him, have NEVER made any claim to being objective and him and his cronies, but still...


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