A bunch of amachoors..

August 01,2006 | WASHINGTON -- President Bush is pressing for a United Nations resolution linking a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon with a broader plan for peace in the Middle East, despite rising international pressure for a simple no-strings-attached halt to the fighting.

Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the president's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, discussed the next steps over dinner at the White House on Monday.

An orthopedic surgeon I know -- whose work MUST actually work the way it's supposed to -- was fond of saying "Perfect is the enemy of good enough."

I would think any agreement in the Middle East has even LESS of a chance of being perfect than a hip or knee joint replacement.

But it would take someone who actually knows what he (or she) is doing to know that.

Blame it on Hezbollah, or Iran, or Israel or Syria, but the fact is EVERY DROP of blood of those deaths is on the hands of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Hadley.

They can whine all they want, but we know they could do it with a phone call -- just "call Olmert and tell him to have the Israeli troops knock off that shit."

And they could do that and it WOULD happen, because the Israeli government (as distinct from the citizens who have as little control over their runamuck poiticians as we do) doesn't wipe its ass without the toilet paper we provide for them.

But our Jesus freak prez and the people who play him know that he's convinced disagreeing with someone in the so-called Holy Land, won't sit well when the End Times he's trying so hard to bring on hits Rapture level.

They say that Christians in America focus on Jesus' death, but seem to not care at all about his life or his teachings.

Similarly, they say that those psycho assholes who call themselves "conservative"( even tho they're actually authoritarian National Socialists), follow Barry Goldwater. But the only thing they've manifested of the things that stand-up straight-shooting guy said is his observation that America is "a pitiful helpless giant."

They've made THAT statement come true.



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