What I would really like to see/hear in/from a politician (or, In Your Dreams, Saintperle)

I have some friends who describe themselves as "Yellow Dog Democrats," meaning they'd sooner vote for a yellow dog than a Republican.

And while I was raised in that sort of family, I leaned heavily Democrat, but wasn't fanatical about it.

There used to be a spectrum of Republicans, from Lowell Weicker and Everett Dirksen to Barry Goldwater and Taft.

But then the Republicans, led by Nixon and later followers, decided playing the race card over and over and over again would get them back in contention in the south. OK, unfair enough.

People thought "Oh, it was just Nixon, that slime-thrower." Right. Remember Willie Horton? Yeah Prez 41 -- you're SUCH a gentleman.

Willie Horton was why I realized the difference between Aristocrat, which some people claimed to be, and vicious trailer-trash with a lot of money (most of it made from sending money to Hitler to buy weapons to kill our guys, and taking seriously large kickbacks from Saddam Hussein and Col Noriega. But no names.)

Then they sold their souls to the post-Cromwellian psychotic fundamentalist literalist slimy side-mouth talking hypocritical bible-bangers like Pat Robertson (which to any Jew means Father Coughlin, Adolf Hitler and lynch law) and did a Stalin Purge on the reasonable moderates in the party.

(You ever think the name "Falwell" might refer to an Olympic "10" appreciation for Lucifer's plunge? No, me neither.)

Then this administration, the Bush-wahs, went all the way into total insanity.

And I hear Republicans as upset and pissed off at what they're doing to America (and the Republican Party) as I am.

And all along, the Democrats, supposed to be providing an alternative, just dithered their way into a long-time caving and a long-time worthless, and turned into crazed smurfs.

So here's what I long for now:

Any elected official displaying BOTH intelligence and integrity.
Democrat, Republican, Green, or Independent, I don't care.
Just someone who actually THINKS about the situations and acts from conscience and not from poll-responses.

Right, in my dreams.


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