So why do we keep insisting this is Vietnam Redux?

Different terrain, different humidity, Muslims against Christians instead of Buddhists and Commie Rat Bastards (altho the Diem family's Catholicism played a large part in the famous baby-buggering devil in a red dress -- Cardinal Spellman -- leaning on Truman and Eisenhower to make commitments to a family nearly as vile as Saddam Hussein's, or maybe it was the number of Catholic voters in New York State Spellman could direct).

But the same swaggering, cocky hubristic piece of Texas crap that walks like a man (actually he prances in those high-heel sneakers he wears) thinking he's so tough (difference -- in LBJ's case, he WAS tough and it wasn't daddy's money from Hitler and Saddam that made people go along with him).

Same -- lies to get us in, lies to keep us going, nasty bullying insistence that anyone who points out the emperor is not only naked but circling the toilet bowl is a traitor. Using the words of men and women in uniform and still under his command who are legally bound by the UCMJ to NOT publicly criticize the Commander-in-Chief.

And denouncing any retired military, no longer in the chain of command, who point out that Iraq is the la Brea Tar Pits for the dinosaurs who fight holy wars, saying they're "disgruntled ex-officers."

Got to hand it to Karl Rove -- his ability to lower his level BELOW the gutter and to lie and lie and lie and lie and say anything that comes into his mind -- fuck -- he outdoes Goebbels (an old pal of his family, remember -- gramps designed the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Does anyone beside me find it interesting how many Republicans are 2d or 3d generation Nazi families? Bush, Rove, Schwarzenegger, the Kennedies, et al.

And by the way, that "gentlemanly" father of his, who all through the Reagan years was the one who met with the former Nazi's in Germany, who had nearly a dozen former SS men running his "ethnic campaign -- they being supervised by Monkey Boy who finally had to can them as the word was getting out -- And that so-called gentleman "niggerized" Dukakis in the presidential campaign with the vicious racism of the Willie Horton commericals.

Oh, also like Vietnam, the president's puppet masters are getting richer richer richer.

And men and women in uniform are geting killed and mutilated.

But most of all, it's Vietnam Redux because it's one big steaming pile of stinking hubris piling dead and maimed bodies higher and higher because the people giving orders are socipaths who think anything they do is legal and fine, and "those people" don't really value their lives like we do. (I think they mean enlistees in the Army and marines as 'those people," since all of them were just too goddamn precious to do it, even when the draft existed -- except for Redrum who was in the navy back when they had sails).

(Yesterday, on 9-11, a woman came into the bookstore I was running, and as she checked out told me that she's started to believe in an afterlife, because "somewhere, sometime, Bush and Cheney and the rest have to get the punishment they deserve."

Interesting -- I'd never seen her before.)


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