They're all second rate bozo's, but is Beelzebush the worst of the lot?

So now we have the Big Three --

Hugo Chavez, a certifiable international asshole, whose high-ride may last about as long as his namesake, the car.

Iranian Prime Minister Ahmadinejad, basically a religious-fanatic, a Shi'ia verson of Pat Robertson but with a better -- if outdated -- sense of clothing style -- waiting for the return of the 12th Imam and looking forward to some sort of Final Conflict.

And Monkey Boy, our erstwhile leader, whom Internationally renowned asshole Hugo Chavez has denounced as the Devil, or, as my wife tagged him -- "Beelzebush."

(Remember -- Chavez is Sud Amer Catholic, a different breed -- lots of liberation theology down there where people believe Jesus appeared on Earth to free people, not to make people have to follow orders from an old fart wearing a dress.

They seem to feel toward the Pope sort of the way West Coast acid heads felt towards Tim Leary -- "We think you're a great man, Tim, but since, as you say, acid lets us explore OUR OWN inner universes, why'nt you just shut the fuck up and let us have our own trips?")

Meanwhile, back with the Big Three media champs from UN Open Mike day and "Beelzebush"--

-- Because one is into demagoguery, and one is into power-mongery, but only one of the Big Three -- Beelzebush -- is killing people at an alarming rate and insisting on his right to take people already captured, identifying anyone in custody as a "terrorist" and thereby having the right to inflict pain and humiliation on them through torture not identified as such.

Do the words: "By your works shall ye be known" register?

I have no doubt the other two are capable of such behavior, but only Beelzebush is insisting that the chicken shits in the Senate endorse his position that it's a good and noble thing to do.

Maybe that's the way they think in Hell.


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